Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happy Holidays From The Honest Kitchen {Giveaway}

The holidays are among us, so here at Reviews For You, we are helping you celebrate these great times! We have paired up with a personal favorite, in the department of pet food, The Honest Kitchen. They specialize in healthy, human grade pet food. Yes, human grade, so take you a taste if you'd like. The food is dehydrated, dry food, but you add water, let it sit a few minutes and you will have a bowl full of wet food! It is amazing, and my dog who never eats anything other than her Purina One, loved it. It took running out before she would eat her Purina again (she loved it that much). The holidays are upon us so why not enter to win something amazing for your furry family friend? We have two prizes, one for a cat owner, and one for a dog owner.

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Both giveaways end October 21 at midnight. Please remember the most options you complete, the more entries you will have. Both prizes will be shipped directly from The Honest Kitchen, and will arrive in a timely manner (normally within a week). Thanks everyone, and I hope everyone enter so you can get your chance at a great prize for your cat or dog this Holiday Season!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Costume Discounters Review

  Ghouls, ghost, and monsters. Yep, that's right, Halloween is a month and three days away! Besides realizing the year has flown by, I am extremely excited that Halloween is here. Why? Well I love Halloween in general. Sitting around watching Hocus Pocus (who doesn't love that classic?!), watching the Halloweentown movies, and decorating, that's where it's at. I also am overjoyed about it this year because it is Dallas' first actual Halloween. Last year we were so excited for him to go get some suckers, and show everyone he was the cutest bear around, but he didn't get to go. He had a severe sinus infection (he has had several from January-June of this year, and winter is worse). The temperature Halloween night was like 50 degrees, so we knew it would be too much for him, so we had to settle with an early evening Trunk-or-treat at a local church.

  We were just going to reuse his costume from last year, but I didn't realize this little squirt would hit such a huge growth spurt. He is so much bigger than last Halloween. Although his bear costume was so adorable, we are okay with a new one. With the help of Costume Discounters he is going to be Alabama's cutest, smallest prisoner. Costume Discounters has such great low prices. When comparing to other sites, they are a good ten dollars or more, cheaper. When I put in my order for the Time Out Prisoner Costume, I was so worried about the quality. We all know when you see a really cheap price, quality is normally the issue, hence why it was so cheap! As you can see to the left, the Time Out Prisoner is just too great. (That is the photo from the Costume Discounters site.)

 Dallas was finally being still enough for me to get him into this, and get photos (he so don't like pictures). I only got one or two photos with the hat on, he didn't like it, and would only have it on if he done it himself. Therefore, excuse the lopsided hat, just look at the stock photo above for what it looks like if you have a very cooperative child to put this on.
(Excuse the blurriness, the iPad doesn't do too well.)

   This really was the best I could do, which I don't think is too shabby for an overactive 19 month old. The quality of the costume is great, it is a soft, breathable texture, so even if the weather where you live is a little on the warm side, your child will still be cool as a cucumber. I absolutely love the sleeves and the tattoos on them, it just ties it all together. If your kid is like mine, the hat will be a task. He will not leave it alone, but maybe someone, somewhere will have better luck than me on that.

  It is easy to put on, which is a must for all moms. Just put over their head like a shirt, and it buttons around their bottom and legs. Super, super easy. I hope that when looking for a great place to buy a costume, whether it be for your kids, or yourself, you consider Costume Discounters. When you sign up with your email, you also get tons of emails with special offers to make it ridiculously cheap. Make this your one stop shop for Halloween and you will come out with more of your money versus going elsewhere. You can purchase Time Out Prisoner costume for a mere $34.97! If you are on social media, you go CLICK HERE and follow them on Facebook to keep up with news and great deals.

**Disclaimer: I was sent this costume for review purposes only. I received it in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not compensated in any other way.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Summit Goliath SD Climbing Stand Review

For my husband and I, hunting season is one of the best parts of late fall through winter. We love us some good ol' hunting. We have been buying up all we need this year that we didn't already have. There is absolutely nothing that can compare to sitting out, getting in touch with nature while trying to get your next meal. Yes, this is why we hunt. Not because it is fun, but because if we can kill one deer, it will feed our little family of 3 for a good while. 

While we had things like our Camo overalls, gloves, and hunting boots. We were still lacking a few things. I had my rifle, I purchased it before last deer season, has two boxes of shells, case, and everything I needed. Well, being the outdoorsy people we are, we traded my husbands rifle for a flat bottom boat so we could go out on the river fishing. So, we recently acquired him another gun, and all the goodies for it. So, we sat down one day and got to talking. We hadn't seen anything since the beginning of our hunting adventures, and we wanted this to change.

What better advantage can you have than to be up about 12-15 feet up in a tree? He got online and ordered him a Summit Goliath SD climbing stand. We got this bad boy via UPS and I really liked the design of the box!

Anyway, I have never been in a stand before, and it has been years since my husband has been. So we took it out of the box, got everything (stand and safety harness), and headed out to the backyard. We had one tree with no low limbs so we were able to start trying to climb. I am, for one, terrified of heights. I got about 5 feet up, and made the mistake of looking down. Worst thing I could have done...EVER. I started to tremble in my knees, I looked at him and said, "Can I please just get down" and he says, "Nope, you have to learn somehow" so I stayed up there. It is hard, to pull the bottom part up, where I put my feet, because I have no leg strength. After the struggle, I face the REAL struggle. Turning around and sitting down. I looked over the side, and it suddenly got really hot outdoors, and I just knew if I didn't get sat down, I was going to pass out and fall out of it. I sat down, felt terrible, and decided I would start to journey back down to Earth. I kid you not, it took me TWENTY FIVE MINUTES, because I was so deathly terrified! Now, I need to practice more, if I can get over being a chicken. This is very sturdy though. 

 "The Goliath SD is a full featured climber for full-framed hunters. Extra room and an ample 350 pound limit makes it the perfect stand for the bigger hunter or for anyone looking for a little extra room."

My husband is a husky fella, so this is perfect for him. Was too much for me, so I am thinking of investing in one of their smaller stands for smaller people, the Summit Mini Viper SD. I can't wait to be able to see over the thickets here and see the deer coming near. Let me tell you, here in North Alabama, you have terrible thickets year 'round. With those lovely brier thickets during the winter, that make walking to your hunting spot incredibly terrible, and from the ground, impossible to see.

Here is a how to video for those as clueless as I was:

See it isn't hard at all. I very highly recommend this to all of you. Be sure to order before hunting season in your area! The price of one of these will run you close to $320.00. Definitely worth it.

*Disclaimer: I was not sent anything to compensate this review. I bought this product on my own.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Graze Subscription Box Review

I know everyone has seen the new thing that everyone is going crazy over, subscription boxes. I mean I can definitely see what the hype is about. You can get just about anything delivered to your front door for a reasonable monthly price. These boxes contain different items every month, so you get to try out all sorts of things. 

I have had my eye on one particular one for awhile now. I have thought about it, but I wanted to try it first. I had ordered some clothes from Kohl's and there was about 10 papers with a code from Kohl's to get your first box free. So, because I love free things, I took advantage of this. I signed up, and you enter the code for the first box to be free. A credit card is required for this, but if you cancel right after your first one ships, then it is all free to you! If you don't catch it in time, it will hit your card, so act fast. Anyways, I wasn't really thinking about it, and when I went to check my mail today, low and behold, my Graze box.

Sorry about that horrid glare. The free code I received was for a 4 snack box, but with monthly subscription, it comes with 8 snacks, which after trying this one, you will urn for more boxes, and more food!

My snacks were Chai Latte, Butterscotch Popcorn Flapjack, Sweet Mustard Ranch, and Banana Caramel Dippers. Well, to start off, the Banana Caramel Dippers and the Butterscotch Popcorn Flapjack's were tied for my favorites. They were both so amazing, had very rich flavors, and I was all but upset when they were all gone (Dallas helped me knock them out). They were both sweet, and very decadent. I think snacks like these are put there to entice you to the point you will keep paying for them.

The Chai Latte, to me was fairly bland. I didn't like it because of the coconut. I can't stomach the taste. I handed it off to my sister, who indeed loved it! The Sweet Mustard Ranch was good, very tasty breadsticks in it, flavored with what taste like sweet dijon mustard, and the pretzels, oh my, I love pretzels. I couldn't eat the cashews because I am allergic to peanuts, so I try to take precautions with things such as cashews. 

All in all, this was an absolutely AMAZING box. Now I see how people get addicted to receiving these monthly. I was so sad when it was all gone, as I was savoring the deliciousness of it all. After receiving this box, where I had the chance to try some things, I can now go to their site and rate what I loved, liked, or don't want in my future boxes! This is a great feature, and an excellent way to keep the business coming. With that being said please everyone, go get you a box, and I have a code just for you, you'll receive your 1st and 5th boxes FREE! 
{Use code 2XKLFJMCB }

These boxes are only $11.99 a box, and if you decide to stop, you can at any time. You basically pay per box, not per month.

**Disclaimer: I did not receive one of these boxes from the company for review. I received this on my own, and wanted to share my 100% honest opinions with my readers. I was in no way compensated for this post!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Gas Prices Are Falling!

Just had to share this with everyone, the gas prices in my area has officially fallen to $2.01, which is excellent! What does this mean? I can fill up my car for about $37.00 (I drive an 02 Pontiac Grand Prix se (base model) and yeah, nothing new). I average 20 mpg in the okay condition it's running now. Therefore, I can go to about Tennessee and back on maybe $20, which is great! Considering I sure do love going to play scratch-offs, since Alabama doesn't have any kind of lotto or gambling! 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Entirely Pets Dog Flea Kit {Review & Giveaway}

Summer is almost to an end. As most of you pet owners know from experience, the heat can cause a world of problems for our furry friends. Fleas are by far their worst when it is hot outdoors. Here in my front yard, it was high humidity, with high temps of 95, with thunderstorms everyday for about a week there. All of these elements caused the fleas in my yard to multiply at ridiculous rates!

 My poor baby Nyla, she would go out only to use the bathroom, and would scratch so much. She eventually scratched a good bit of hair out from under her neck, leaving small scabby areas, and would bit on her side, and under her tail, that there was a bald spot on her side and on the under side of her tail. I had tried the brands of flea and tick shampoos from stores like Walmart, and nothing was killing them. They would just jump around while I was lathering her. While I had reached my wits end with trying to find something, I had came across a product that I wanted to try so bad! 

I contacted Entirely Pets, and we discussed it. We agreed on a review and giveaway for this product. I asked about their Dog Flea Kit. This kit consist of: a bottle of Green Pet Fleaze-Off (8 oz), a flea comb for both dogs and cats, and a bottle of Advantage Treatment Shampoo for Dogs (24 oz). 

Let me start off with this. No matter what product I have used, I have never in my life seen something work so amazingly as this kit! This is definitely what I consider a must have for dog owners. 

I started off by taking Nyla for a bath in the Advantage Treatment Shampoo. Although I didn't exactly follow as the directions stated, I just put a little in my hand and worked from front to back, back to belly, then her legs and paws. I seen on the bottle where it said it killed fleas and ticks on contact.

As soon as I put the shampoo on, and I lathered it in real nicely, which is does lather really good! Especially for a treatment shampoo.

I noticed quickly that fleas started dropping. This was so amazing, considering you very rarely come across a dog shampoo that really does kill on contact! Don't believe me? Take a look, these are just a few that I caught a picture of before washing them down the drain.
 You can see her hair where she is shedding, but also look at those fleas! This has me at a loss for words.
Then there is the flea comb, I couldn't get a picture, not a focused one. But, one swipe and you'll see little brown fleas, or in my case mutant fleas. The ones the comb pulled out of Nyla's fur were a good size for fleas.
Then there is the Fleaze-Off. You spray on them to repel fleas, ticks, flies, and mosquitoes. All of which are quite plentiful around here. I sprayed on Nyla when she got out of her bath and was just a tad damp. Just lightly spritz around the dog, but do not get in their eyes! This product is an all natural product. That's why I don't mind using it. It has a slight piney smell, but hey, it's worth dealing with if it keeps the bugs off, and out of your home. You have to spray on every 2-3 days before they go out. I love how I don't have to use this EVERY time she goes out. Makes it more convenient. She went out to use the bathroom, I used the flea comb when I got her on the porch, and no fleas! This stuff is definitely worth buying.

This great kit is only $37.99 on Entirely Pets. Want to try it out? Awesome! Enter here to win! 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Honest Kitchen Revel Review

Dogs, known as mans best friend. For most of us, our dogs are family. I know Nyla is a very important part of our family. I thought I was keeping Nyla as healthy as possible by feeding her Purina One Venison and Turkey, and don't get me wrong, Purina One is great food. But we got to try something alot healthier.

 Nyla received a 2 lb box of Revel ($15.99) from The Honest Kitchen. Revel is whole grain chicken dog food, well technically it's so great, it is human grade!

Revel, just like the other dog foods from The Honest Kitchen, comes in a ground up state. When I seen it, I thought to myself, "How is this supposed to make a good bit of food?" Well, for Nyla, I thought I was going to use this as her meal every other day. But, even though I have always thought she's the pickiest dog in the world, she was jumping around the kitchen counter, where I was making it, and as soon as I put her bowl down she was going to town!

For Nyla, because she eats several times a day, she gets what is recommended for her, although it doesn't satisfy her for the entire day, this is what I limit her to. For her weight (medium, 31-50 lbs), it is suggested she get 1-2 cups a day, which I decided on one. Takes 1 1/2-3 cups of water to that 1-2 cups dry food. I used 1 cup dry food and 1 1/2 cups water. It makes it a consistency she loves.

(I only have one actual measuring cup, so this is my make shift one for Nyla)

I promise you, when you see your picky dog goes nuts over something new, you immediately know this has to be the Holy Grail of dog food. Normally, she will let something new sit awhile before she tries it, or will knock the food around playing with it. But I got this instead, right away.

She was looking at me like, "Mom, I'm almost done, does that mean I get seconds!?"

Seriously though, why wouldn't a dog go running to it?

This is what gets squeezed into a 2 pound box of Revel:
  • 3 pounds of free range chicken
  • 1.5 scoops of barley
  • half of a banana
  • 2 3/4 carrots
  • 1 scoop of oats
  • 2 3/4 celery stalks
  • 1 cup of fresh peas
  • 1.5 bunch of parsley 
 I love that she is happy with such a healthy alternative to what she could be eating otherwise. I can clearly see how much she loves Revel, and honestly when you open the bag, it kind of smells like homemade chicken stew in the works.

If your dog is up to try The Honest Kitchen, but they have a sensitivity to wheat, you should probably try Force. It is a chicken recipe like Revel, but is free of wheat and gluten for those with sensitivities. 

I seriously have nothing bad to say about The Honest Kitchen. This was an amazing experiment for me, to see how well Nyla would actually take to an all natural, healthier, organic dog food. Because, honestly, I didn't think she would even touch it. Now, I have discovered though, that she will have to eat it as she wants it because when I tried to give her THK for breakfast, then Purina for dinner, she would not dare touch it. So, I am going to have to do a little mixing together to get her partial to it again!

Even if you have cats, you can try The Honest Kitchen, too. Just go over to their site, toggle over shop now, and select cats. They have cat food and cat treats! (Yay, Happy Kitty!) Please everyone just take the time to try it, I promise it is worth every dime (and it makes up for the money when you have a healthier dog or cat!).

I decided to do a little preference test between The Honest Kitchen and Purina, and this is what she chose. (Revel is in the white bowl, Purina next to it)

**Disclaimer: I was sent one 2 lb box of Revel for review purposes only. This post contains only my own opinions, and my 100% honest opinion of this product. I was only compensated with the product received (Revel) but was not in any other way.